F Fitness



In Fitness and Cardio zone are available 2 kinds of high quality machines designed by Nautilus and StarTrac. All of them are dedicated for training and strengthening of all muscle groups. From biomechanical view all of them are suitable for any clients and are great help for an easy and effective training.

One of the most favorites is our Functional zone. Functional exercises help to perform all movements better in our daily life, so we get our body ready (functional) for everyday needs. It’s an „intelligent“ kind of training which was developed as a reaction to the movement stereotypes of today’s people. Mostly it’s focused on power ability development together with improvement of coordination, stability and mobility. Functional training should be basic training for people working in offices, people sitting most of a day as well as people with manual job using mostly the same movement stereotype.  Functional exercising is compensation of one-sided body density and very often can solve sacrum, neck, arms and knee pain. It’s suitable also for athletes as form of strength training for maximizing their sport’s performance and it’s an absolute duty for prevention of injuries caused by unilateral specific sport overload.  At last, anyone doing strength training only should add functional exercising to his training program. Our fitness facility dispose of construction „street workout“ training (Monkey bars) and carpet with synthetic grass for sleigh pulling.  

There also is a relaxing Stretching zone with a soft floor which is ideal for this training phase. It’s situated on an elevated stage, separated in order to meet its relaxation purpose.  

Finally there is also an Aerobic zone, equipped with high quality sound system and air recuperation.  This room is being used mostly for our various group exercises. We believe that everyone can choose appropriate group exercise from our offer - to be found HERE.  Our professional trainers are available at any time in case you would need help or advice. Even beginners who did never used a fitness center before will be fully supported at any time. Our trainer team is ready to meet you and dedicate themselves in a professional and individual way of attitude.

Exercising at WINNER will certainly bring you a joy and helps to reach your targets.