S Skatemill

Skatemill is unique element of WINNER Sports & Leisure center. It is a practice utility machine for ice hockey professional players improving their skating techniques. It also helps beginners or hobby players to learn and absorb right skating technique. You can build correct motional habits, improve technique and training effectivity, get rid of bad habits and learn how to avoid injuries.

What is the specialization of Skatemill utility machine?

Benicky Skatemill (in cooperation with other elements of functional training process) ensures that player will:

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Reservations: 0908 778 711

Who is SKATEMILL designed for?

It’s great for adults as well as for kids, for hockey players or for amateurs, for both professionals and beginners.

WE OFFER INDIVIDUAL TRAINING, which respects sportsman’s needs. This way it contributes to decreasing of injury risk and speeds up skater’s achievement.

What do we offer within one training session?

We can also arrange further cooperation with our qualified trainers:

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